Whether your family has a loss or if you are planning ahead, you may go to information worksheet page, located under Services and Arrangements.

The following is some of the information (if available) that we need to know about the deceased:

Name of Deceased


Date of Birth


Place of Birth (City State County)

Social Security Number

Occupation (during most of working life)

Employer and Industry

Full name of Father

Full name of Mother at birth (Include her Maiden Name)

Full name of Spouse

Veteran (yes or no)

Branch of Service and Form DD214

Church Membership

Lodges and Clubs Membership

A list of Surviving family (Children,Siblings, Grandchildren) and City, State address

A list of already deceased family members

Location of Service or Memorial

Date and Time

Officiating ministers names & phone #

Musicians name and phone #

Pallbearers names and phone # We need at least 6

Visitation Day and Time

Place of Visitation

Name of Cemetery


Casket Flowers

Flowers accepted or Memorials  (Or Both)

Clothing for the deceased

A favorite photograph of the deceased for the Memorial

Additional Photographs to display or for Slide Show